This is the swan song of...A Cheaper World. )

So, about two months ago I realised that while I liked Cheaper World, and I had fun doing it, it was becoming more of a duty than a pleasure. I determined I'd get to 150 strips and then bow out on a high note, so this is the end of the Cheaper World here on [ profile] copperbadge.

I do encourage you guys to make your own, if you want to, and to post them on your journals; it's a lot of fun and Groupon needs its self-important toplessness punctured occasionally.

I guess there's not much else to say. Except, of course:


We really love chicken in A Cheaper World. )
Wow, did I pick the right morning to oversleep. I got here and received three emails -- two of my colleagues and my boss are all running late as well.

I think that means there's time for A Cheaper World! )

FYI, Chicagoans, Groupon is running a deal today for half off tickets to the Art Institute. The tickets expire March 22nd, so it's a brief window, but those of you who love the ahrt might enjoy it.

ETA, sorry guys, gotta lock comments -- I'm getting a crapton of spam on the post.

(And as always, if you're new to Groupon and register via this link, I get ten bucks of credit when you buy your first Groupon!)
We're always having adventures in A Cheaper World )

And we have several guest strips from Whirly Geek! (That third one made me LOL hard.)

Incidentally, if you're in Chicago, Groupon has a "$5 for $10 at Forever Yogurt" today that's especially good, since the $10 comes in giftcard form so you don't have to spend it all at once. I got it last year and loved it (don't let the PR about "froth" fool you, they're just pushing their "winter feature").

Also, if you're new to Groupon and you register for the site via this link, I get $10 in credit when you buy your first coupon, since that's my recommendation link. Happy grouponing!
Food and sex -- it's how we do it in A Cheaper World. )
It's all about love today in A Cheaper World. )
It's all about food, in A Cheaper World )
Shellfish are a major concern of A Cheaper World. )
It's time for precognition and vegan horses in A Cheaper World )

And a guest strip! [ profile] the_randomist made this strip a few days ago.
Greek food and misogyny? Must be A Cheaper World. )
Leisure is a duty in A Cheaper World. )
It's snowing today in A Cheaper World. )
It's cold in Texas, but always the perfect temperature in A Cheaper World )
It's always summer in A Cheaper World. )
Babies, dating, and failed romance -- you'll find it all in A Cheaper World )
A coworker brought in cookies today, and I took one back to my desk, and when I bit into it, it tasted of cat.

Cookies always taste better in A Cheaper World. )
The holidays are coming to A Cheaper World. )
Today, A Cheaper World celebrates its 100th comic strip! There's meat, shirtless women, Santa, lesbians, cars...all the things Cheaper World fans have come to know and love.

So without further ado, let's throw a party in A Cheaper World! )
I wasn't sure where to put this little gem of a news item in RFM, so I thought I'd save it for a Cheaper World -- Stephanie (sorry, I don't know your LJ handle!) linked me to a story about a Groupon Horror: a small bakery offered a really good Groupon deal and ended up having to make a hundred thousand cupcakes. It's terrible and absurd, but kind of epic.

Anyway, Monday smiles on A Cheaper World. )
Stop coughing! We need quiet in A Cheaper World. )


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