R and I are at his place playing "get trashed and rearrange the furniture."

So far I'm winning on fouls.

Stuck in post office purgatory. For my sin of wanting to send a package overseas, I am doomed to stand in line forever. Why do postal clerks hate humanity? What is their dastardly plan? Why hasn't Dan Brown written a book about this yet?

Oh, the inanity!

I was going to go shopping at Macys this evening and eat at the food court there, but the food court was closed and Macys literally makes me crazy so instead I'm nestled into a booth at weber kettle grill.

Oh, how I suffer.

Rind me to tell you guys about the el punishing me for laziness, later.

Insane afternoon was insane but Bossboss brought me snacks from the offsite! He said "have you ever typeset anything before? Make it look typeset. Be artistic with it."

If he only knew.

The good news: it's not swine flu.
The bad news: siiiiiiinus infeeeeeection (khaaaaaaaaaan!)

The ok news: doc says take Friday and Monday off.

I has a Mucinex.

The guy in the car next to us at the light looked just like Oscar Wilde, down to the hair.

I know I stared, but I couldn't help it -- I've never seen Oscar Wilde use an iPhone before.

Safely home in Chicago. Flight sucked, but is done now. No broken bones!

Mum says the west coast is under a tsunami watch. Check your news sources, guys, I can't give more info than that. See you all when I get home!

Safe in Texas! Dog still hates me. Family loves me though!

I decided to take the steak dinner option :) Well, ok, not steak but a really good burger at Weber Kettle. It's cool outside for once so I'm dining on the patio. Lovely!

Wish I could share my fries with you guys...oh well, more for me :D

So much rain. So much physical therapy! Ironically I am really good at the balance exercises.

I'm on my way home now, anyhow. Coworker J's last day is tomorrow...again...which means the horrible guy who got him laid off is coming back. On the other hand, I am happy for coworker J, who is going back to school to finish his degree. And supertemp is staying on - I need to tell you guys about her later :D she's a pistol.

I am here at the place where I am supposed to work tonight and they say yes, that event is here but nobody else is here to tell me what to do.

I am the office boy! I don't have any power when not in the office! And I have only one good leg! *wail*

See you all in 4 hours or when I bolt in disgust, whichever comes first.

I'm at r's place.

R isn't here and his power is out.

Do I get to cry now?

Safe in Chicago, if exhausted and cranky and in pain. Sat next to horrible woman whose grandchild kept kicking my cast till I kicked her back.

Now I'm just waiting for my luggage to show up so I can go home. But I am here at least!

Safely landed! Headed home.

Preparing for takeoff. They don't have blankets or pillows anymore "because of swine flu". WOW.

Also because of swine flu: 24 passengers on a 60 passenger plane.

This shit is bananas.

Mock my typos, will you?

See if I bring YOU a cupcake from Bleeding Heart Bakery. :P

I have made it to Coatco without getting lost! Now to buy eight dozen muffins at a time! :D

And maybe a hot dog. Mmm, breakfast!

Dear Amtrak,

It is pointless to put fold-down trays on the backs of seats if they fold down at a 70 degree angle rather than FLAT.

If I cannot put my drink on either tray without it sliding off, they are not trays. They are decorative impediments.

That being said, your cheese and crackers dinner pack is A+ delicious. Babybel and cheddar, mmm.

Love and crackers,

PS: still not home, obvs.

Well, the train windows are filthy so no photos (yet; perhaps as an artist I will find myself willing to explore the aesthetic qualities of dirty glass later) but I am homeward bound after a very fun weekend full of dogs, toddlers, Irish nationals, knitters, high piracy, Dutch ovens, oatmeal bread, music, and tea.

I will post when I'm safely home, if not before.

Meanwhile, omg ask_captainjack interview over at [livejournal.com profile] torchwood_house. reading it on my phone for fannish lolz and grate face-shooting :D

I'm not dead! I'm well-rested. I remember what that feels like. Holy crap. :D

I'm doing some touring around this afternoon and then catching the train around three, so expect a photo or two. I find I'm enjoying the cryptic approach to vacation journaling.

I have taught the sproglet to say "awesome". He has taught me about the Rhino Song. (YouTube it. You will hate me forever.) Generation gap: Bridged!


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