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Now that most of the farm leagues have their 2017 game schedules finalized, I’ve been building my summer baseball calendar. My stepdad got me a ten-game pass to the Railcats for Christmas, but I’m also within an hour’s train ride of the Cougars, Boomers, and Slammers (sounds like the title of a hip anthropology book about middle-aged white people). So I have a calendar set up to list which games I can get to, and which games I should especially try for. Sadly, it looks like I won’t be seeing the Wingnuts play this year.

All of the teams have “theme nights” meant to draw crowds; there’s almost always a Star Wars Night, a Christmas In July, a Bark At The Park where you can bring your dog, a “Halfway to Halloween” costume night, and interestingly a Princess Night. There are lots of firework nights and a few all-you-can-eat nights and cheap draft beer nights. 

But I think my favorite so far is that the Kane County Cougars have a Peanut Free Night. I’m not so allergic to peanuts that I can’t even be around them, but some people are, and peanuts are all the fuck over the place at ball games, particularly non-MLB games. So despite not ever having seen the Cougars play, they have already endeared themselves to me for that. (I can’t actually go to the Peanut Free Night game, but I’ll be cheering for them in spirit.)

If I do it right I can attend every Bark in the Park, two Star Wars, Christmas, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, two all-you-can-eats (one is crawfish, which seems…unwise) and something called Strike Out Stroke Night which I think could have been better named. 

And maybe I’ll take out a small loan and go to a Cubs game at some point. 


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