All of them are comic books-based so I sorted them by rating.

General Audiences:

This Is Halloween by ScifiGrl47: G, Steve/Tony background. This Is Halloween is part of the Tales Of The Botsverse, where Dummy in the Iron Man films is also a little boy named DJ, but I'm reasonably confident that most of the Botverse stories can be read as standalones. This one concerns Tony trying to provide his unique child with a normal childhood Halloween. DJ, however, has other ideas. Sci's work is always a fun romp and I love her take on Tony as a dad so I'm always especially happy when I get to inspire a DJ story. :D

I Don't Care If It Hurts by mooseman13579: General Audiences, Gen. Steve figures out the real reason Doom keeps sending poorly made, ineffective, and mostly-harmless robots to invade New York. I love the premise and I love how Ishmael handled it. :D

Just Give Me Your Jacket, Cap by MountainRose: General Audiences, Steve/Tony. A short piece set in the Armored Adventures universe, where Tony becomes Iron Man as a teenager. It's a nice adventure story with a bit of romance, perfect for the genre. I wish we got more Armored Adventures stories.

The Avengers and Food by MyBrotherHarry: General Audiences, Gen. A series of character studies based around the interactions between Avengers and the foods they eat, as well as cooking-time and mealtime conversations. This was a gift to me and I love it; it's simple and there's not a lot of drama, and it's nice just to read slice of life stuff sometimes.

Teen And Up:

You Just Had To Make It Weird by IamShadow21: Teen, Steve/Bucky. Steve and Sam are trying to find Bucky, which turns out to be less than difficult, especially when he shows up for the pie. Which he eats with his hands. Like an animal.

Mature and Explicit:

Tit for Tat by Raikishi: Mature, Steve/Tony. There's just a lot of public nudity, sex tapes, one incident with elastic, and it's just a really funny story.

Love Or War Series by windfallswest: Explicit, Kaine/Vance. This is a little bit niche, as a fanfic about Justice and Scarlet Spider, who were mainly featured recently in the New Warriors comics. That said, part one at least is mostly hot antagonism-sex, and you don't need to know a whole lot about the characters to follow it (there's also an orientation note at the end which helps).

Ask Galatea by thingswithwings: Explicit, Steve/Coulson. Steve and Coulson build a relationship that incorporates Coulson's hero-worship in a remarkably sane way. A really nice portrait of the way in which people find their purpose, even when it's not something heroic.

And here's a few that are riffs on my work, and no less awesome for that:

Cover Art for The Silver Age by flyakate: Art, SFW. Wonderful covers for my "Silver Age" series, including neat indications of Tony Stark growing up and entering the public eye.

Cover Art for Tiny Spy Assassin Steve by Thurifut: Art, SFW. Some delightful typographic covers for the Tiny Spy Assassin Steve story, up through Steve Rogers Versus The Multiverse.

Podfics of The Literal Game, Professor, and Pilgrimage by Miss_sabre and XandriaNirvana: Mature, Remus Lupin/James Potter; G, Gen; Mature, Remus/Sirius. Some podfics of my old Harry Potter fics, delightfully done. :) Better than they deserve, really.

Copperbadge Drabble by Hekkenfeldt: G, Gen. This is a funny short drabble -- well, funny to me especially -- about how Snape might react to injuries that I've had in the past.

Shooting Stars
 by Good_News_Everyone: Gen, G. This was off a prompt for my Buckyfest that I didn't get to, so it's already close to my heart, but Steve gently tolerating Bucky and Clint bonding over Lucky Charms kills me dead.

The Scarecrow Series by ladyshadowdrake: Teen and Up, Clint/Coulson, Clint/Bucky. Inspired by a stream I did about the intelligence of crows, ladyshadowdrake wrote a fic where Clint discovers one more scarecrow than he should have on his farm, and takes in a non-talking, bird-befriending Bucky. I've been enjoying the slow build of it and Bucky's weird charm, and I hope there's more to come.

Falling From Oaks by ladyshadowdrake: Mature, multiships bur primarily Bucky/Steve/Tony. This is the latest installment of the Happy Lights series, which involves the Avengers shacking up with a delightful tentacled alien. It's roughly the same events of Strange Turns, the previous installment, but from Bucky's POV, with giant lashings of angst and hurt/comfort.

Never Have I Ever by st_aurafina: Teen and Up, gen. This is a crossover between Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Iron Man -- where Donna, Pepper, and Ianto end up having drinks together and playing the worst game in the WORLD. I was delighted to re-find this because it's a super fun fanfic.


Ain't No Drinking Man by Archwrites: Explicit, Steve/Tony. Steve gets de-serum'd, and the only real benefit is he can get drunk again. Arch wrote this for me because I love drunkfic and it is PERFECT AND AWESOME.

Strange Turns by ladyshadowdrake: Explicit, Steve/Tony, Steve/Tony/Bucky, other multiships. This is the sequel to Happy Lights, a consentacles fic which I'm pretty sure I've recc'd before; the first story was inspired by the Dubious Consentacles Fest and was about the team encountering a telepathic alien bundle of tentacles. Strange Turns is about what happens both when the team is left on its own as a newly-formed unit and when the "colony" returns with a warning about a new invasion force. It's a long, well-characterized piece with a lot of really exceptional moments, as well as an action plot that I think is executed flawlessly. A really meaty, enjoyable read.

There's A History Between Us (and people think it's mine) by IamShadow21: Teen and Up, Steve/Tony. When a baby is left on the Avengers' doorstep with a note reading YOURS, everyone immediately assumes it's Tony's. Tony is cranky and angry and awesomely in-character, and I love it. Also featuring the Unfortunate Barton Nose. :D

A Tremendous Thing by arsenicarcher and Westgate: General Audiences, Pepper/Tony and Clint/Coulson (but mainly as background). Tony's been keeping a secret method of unwinding for a long time, roleplaying at being a child, but with everyone else in the tower, the secret starts to slip. I love the found-family themes and the ageplay is handled really well, which is sometimes difficult to do.


Podfic of Turkey Soldier by reena_jenkins: General Audiences, Bucky/Natasha. Reena delivers her usual awesome reading of Turkey Soldier, a Bucky-centric fic that Historymiss and I wrote about Bucky's relationship with Thanksgiving.

Podfic of The Weather Balloon by revolutionjack: Teen and Up, Gen. Revolutionjack gives an eerie, appropriately creepy reading of my Night Vale pseudo-episode, The Weather Balloon, complete with excellent sound effects. :D

I've been adding these up for a good long while, and I've finally had the time to go through and do the writeups. These are all Avengers fanfic except for one of the podfics, but the canon universes vary, as do the ratings. I hope you enjoy them!

A Little Bit Of You, A Little Piece Of Me by IamShadow21 -- Teen and Up, Gen. One of the "twelve tiny steves" trope stories, with a fun twist that the series focuses not just on Steve but also on Bucky and why they might have used his genetic material, too. Fun and touching, and getting more meaty with every addition.

Pygmalion's Folly also by IamShadow21: G, JARVIS/Tony. Playing with the "you hear your soulmate's voice in your head" trope, Shadow creates a world where only Tony has no soulmate -- until he creates JARVIS, and realizes the code was there all along.

Clint Is Bad At Meet-Cute by Scifigrl47: Teen and up, Clint/Coulson. Sci did a huge fundraiser to help out a friend, in which she offered to write to prompts. The entire series is linked from this chapter, but this particular chapter, with Clint and Coulson meeting while basically starting a bar fight, is one of my favorites.

Stand Back, I'm Going To Try Science by Good_News_Everyone: Teen and Up, Steve/Tony. This is set in the Armored Adventures canon universe, where Tony became Iron Man as a teen and Steve Rogers was discovered but remained frozen while SHIELD tried to revive him. It uses the soulmates trope, to excellent and enjoyable effect. Even if you're unfamiliar with Armored Adventures, it's a funny romp.

The "You, I Won't Judge" series by Sineala: Steve/Tony, ratings vary. Steve discovers Tony used to write teenaged self-insert fanfic about himself and Captain America. Tony keeps using the fanfic to try and drive Steve away after he decides their relationship can't possibly work. Sweet, funny, and with hilarious teenaged-Tony's fanfic inset. (He always gets the guns right!)

The "Not By The Playbook" series by Arsenicarcher: Explicit, Tony/Pepper/Maria Hill. Arsenic constructs a bondage-based relationship between Tony, Pepper, and Maria, and then explores the faultlines where their personal traumas make the relationship both perfect and perilous. Plus, lots of hot corset action!

The One Who Knows by Dira Sudis: Explicit, TJ Hammond/Steve Rogers. A "Political Animals" crossover where Steve and TJ used to be best friends, and now have the opportunity to be a lot more. I like how good Steve is for TJ -- I think a lot of the Political Animals fanfic I like is there to heal TJ, because he got a pretty raw deal.

Smell Like I Sound by Sineala: Explicit, Carol/Jess with background Steve/Tony. Set in the slightly less dark Marvel Adventures universe, this is about how Carol REALLY LIKES Jess...except when Jess is close by. It's all a happy ending, as long as they work around the whole pheromones thing...

The Do-Over Proposal by Nightwalker: Teen and up, Steve/Tony. Steve is being comforted by the Avengers over Tony utterly and completely rejecting his marriage proposal when Tony walks in and doesn't seem to care. Obviously, someone mixed something up. This is short and super-gratifying in that "Oh thank god it was just confusion" way.

And some ego stroking:

I Only Pretend To Know Everything podfic by Blackglass: Mature, Steve/Natasha.
Never Leave A Trace podfic by Rhea314: Explicit, Peter/Elizabeth/Neal.
These are two delightful podfics of my work, both by lovely and dedicated readers.

The Princess Of Space And Her Robot Sidekick by a_taller_tale: G, Gen. A super-fun piece of fanart to accompany my fic Dot To Dot, featuring Izzy Barton and DJ Stark in early-days cosplay. Because there is nothing funnier to me than DJ dressing up like a robot.

RECCS TIME. Oh god so many reccs. They're pretty much all Marvel at this point; there is however a delightful Dead Isle fic near the bottom, and a cover for my white collar fic Jeffrey Nullier's "Man With Fedora".

Sorted mainly by rating.

Chrysalid by IamShadow21: General Audiences, Gen. This came out of a discussion regarding Steve's helmet wings, and how it could have been a fluke with the Serum that gave him real, actual tiny wings. I love where Shadow went with it, especially Bucky's reaction.

Daybreak by thingswithwings: General Audiences, Steve/Sam. A sweet, simple story about Steve looking after Sam once they're on the road to recovering from their injuries.

This Is Home by iloome: General Audiences, Steve/Tony, past Quill/Tony. This deals with the comics, where Tony has spent a good deal of time recently in space, running with the Guardians. There have been a couple of fics where Peter is standing in for Steve, but I like this one because Peter was a fun fling, and Steve is the real deal.

DJ Makes Friends by Scifigrl47: unrated, Steve/Tony background; and All Tied Up by Scifigrl47: unrated, Steve/Natasha (Neither of these would be rated over Teen IMO.)
I don't usually recc Sci because I assume everyone has read her (if you haven't, do yourself a favour and have a look; start with The Act Of Creation series) but these are spectacular little shorts she did based on prompts, easy to miss on tumblr, and I love them to bits. DJ Makes Friends only really makes sense if you know the "Dummy turns into a real live boy" backstory, but All Tied Up requires no backreading and is funny and sweet.

12 Days Of Steve by Raibean: Teen and Up, Steve/Tony. This grew out of the Twelve Tiny Steves trope on Tumblr -- all the relevant links are at the post -- and is basically Tony having the time of his life looking after a bunch of tiny clones of Steve Rogers. I love the trope, so I found it really fun and enjoyable. Not 100% compliant with Ults canon, but set in the Ults universe.

Helping Hand by musicalluna: Not Rated, Steve/Tony (I'd rate it a PG-13). Tony breaks his arm and is not doing well. Steve helps out with a shave and some attention. And then Tony is SUPER. It's a short, nice piece of gentle hurt/comfort.

Scrub by pastelfaction: Teen and up, Steve/Sam. Sam is sick and Steve picked now to come on to him. I just loved angry, sick-as-a-dog Sam in this.

Long Way Home by hailtherandom: Mature, Gen. Bucky's journey back from the Winter Soldier is long, difficult, and not always what Steve wants it to be. A wrenching but ultimately pretty awesome story about recovery, which I really enjoyed on my beta read and as a final piece.

Mollitious Mores by Etharei: Explicit, Bucky/Steve, Pepper/Tony. Pepper takes Bucky as her date to a gala, and Steve and Tony are not happy boyfriends. I thought it was super funny, particularly Bucky eating ALL THE CANAPES. Also this was written as part of a "fic turnaround" and then had porn added, so. :D

The Inevitable Shrink Ray by Rubynye: Explicit, Steve/Sam. Steve is coping with being back in his old body better than Sam is, but neither of them are going to let it stand in their way. I do love Tiny Steve stories.

And some reccs that are particularly close to my heart:

Untitled by sidneysussex: this is a lovely Dead Isle fanfic about the real-life ramifications for Creationists living under colonial Australian rule. It's a lovely if sad story about family and keeping secrets.

Podfic of Three Step by reena-jenkins: Mature, Steve/Natasha, Steve/Bucky/Natasha: this is a podfic of one of my fics, inspired by the question "How many times a week can a couple have a threesome with the same guy before it becomes some sort of three-way relationship?" Reena does her usual excellent reading. :)

And two covers that I love:

Jeffrey Nullier's "Man With Fedora" by Makoyi

Portrait Of The Artist As A Robot by Blackestglass

Also because I will be working tomorrow morning and gone tomorrow afternoon HAVE SOME RECCS TODAY INSTEAD.

Been saving these up for a while. They're almost all Avengers-themed but I do have one awesome The Losers recc for you Losers fans:

Lucky Boxers by Anonymous: Mature, Jensen/Cougar. Jensen is hacking in his lucky boxers when Cougar shows up and suddenly those boxers get a lot luckier. I loved Jensen accidentally narrating the sex, and Cougar's total composure in the face of Jensen being Jensen.

And now for the Festival of Marvel, sorted by rating. Except for the Unrated who are just at the top because I wanted to put them there.

The Portfolio of Pining by soshhy: unrated, Bucky/Steve AU. Someone tagged me with this on tumblr and I really enjoyed it -- a college AU where Bucky gets a one-day shadow job on a fashion shoot and comes to the uncomfortable realization that he's just not into breasts. Please check warnings before reading, though, there's a great deal of internalized homophobia and some sexism (intentional -- it's pretty integral to the story). I was JUST TODAY told that this was an entire series (I'd only read part one) so I can't speak to later parts but I'm super excited to read the rest of them. :D

Untitled by wintersoldierfell: unrated, gen. Bucky, trying to recover from the events of Winter Soldier, comes across a woman who has claimed her disability in a way he's trying to, and gets a little boost on his own journey. I thought this was sweet and a unique exploration of Bucky's recovery sans Steve.

Untitled by historymiss: unrated, gen. A glimpse inside how Pierce might behave towards the Winter Soldier when the mission is over. Admittedly I prompted this one but I love it so much.

A Little Help From My Friends by troublesteady: General Audiences, Gen but with definite hints of Steve/Bucky. Recommended to me by Dreamwaffles. An experiment goes awry and lands several avengers with animal-like personalities, and man, that summary sounds so much dumber than this fic is. It's actually brilliant and super-funny, and worth it for Dog Bucky alone.

Feeling Words by Daroos: Teen and Up, Clint/Coulson. Clint and Phil are truly, despairingly bad at communicating, especially since Clint's not always verbal. Still, they get there in the end. I found the story really charming, and I love it when a character who may not even know what they want to say still gets to be loved and defended by another one.

Going To The Chapel by dinolaur: Teen and Up, Steve/Tony, Bucky/Natasha. Post-SHRA, Tony wants to rekindle his relationship with Steve. Perhaps proposing to him is a little crazy, but even Bucky agrees it might work. I think this is a strange, sweet, and funny story about trying to get a relationship back, and it's happily free of the silliness that usually accompanies that.

Lonely Houses off the Road by Etharei: Teen and Up, Steve/Bucky. This is a long, lovely fic about Bucky finally coming home, though he has to go through the rest of the Avengers first. I got totally sucked into it when I should have been socialising, and then I did that to like three other people when I linked them.

Still A Stranger To The Ground by queerly_it_is: teen and up, Steve/Sam. The story of how Sam got his wings back and then got his groove back, and how Steve seemed to really enjoy that. A fun mixture of heist fic and romance.

Stay With Me (Home Is Where Your Mind Is) by sara_holmes: Mature, Steve/Tony. This is a fascinating and surreal head trip of a fanfic -- Steve almost-dies and while comatose in the hospital enters a sort of parallel realm where dozens of versions of him have gathered, prevented from moving forward after death by something. It has its sad moments, but I love how weird and well-written it is.

Muscle Memory by Spiderine: Explicit, Bucky Barnes; warnings for nonconsent and torture. I'm gonna admit right off that I couldn't finish this one, but for people who enjoy reading *points at warnings* I think it will probably be extremely compelling. Proceed with caution, as the author notes.

If You Can't Say It You Shouldn't Be Doing It by maskedfangirl -- Explicit, Bruce/Clint. This is a really fascinating exploration of how Bruce's control issues may impact his body and the way he allows it to interact with others. Bruce is trying to give Clint what he feels a boyfriend should have, but he has limits, and he can't quite believe Clint is willing to accomodate them.

Got You Under My Skin by SakuraTsukikage: Explicit, Steve/Tony (Ultimates). This is Ults universe so it's a little harsher than the usual, but that really works for it -- Steve is so confused and adrift, and Tony is so insecure and damaged, and it's FANTASTIC. (They get their shit together in the end.)

It's all Avengers this week! Well, really, mostly Captain America. It's a thing.

Also a lot of porn. I mean, more than usual. I make no apologies.

Exhibit A For America by tryxchange: Teen and Up, Gen. Steve has an unfortunate encounter in an art museum and almost starts a fight. I'm so glad they wrote this so I didn't have to (I sparked a discussion with this on tumblr).

Podfic of Controlled Blast, read by [ profile] reena_jenkins: PG, Gen. A wonderful (as usual for Reena) podfic of my short fic Controlled Blast, about a young Tony Stark and a slightly less young John Sheppard blowing up squash courts at boarding school.

Practice by Astolat: Explicit, Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson. A lovely (and hot) exploration of Steve and Sam's search for Bucky, and the eventual decision Steve needs to make about whether to continue it.

All There in the Manual by scribblywobblytimeylimey: Mature, Steve/Tony. This is an absolutely filthy and great account of Steve realizing a lot about his sexuality and who he's attracted to based on Tony inadvertently dirty-talking to his bots. Robot kink ahoy!

In our Fragile Safety by Ylixia: Explicit, Steve/Tony, Steve/Tony/Bucky. Smokin' hot and clever, this is about how Bucky misinterprets Tony's intentions towards Steve, and how Steve suggests that Tony show him what his intentions are.

Stony Going by Cluegirl: Explicit, Steve/Tony. Steve, hilariously, discovers fanfic -- and then discovers badfic. And then Tony discovers Steve's been reading slash about them. A funny and sweet fic I beta'd for Clue.

Break Time by arsenicarcher: Explicit, Pepper/Tony, Maria/Pepper/Tony. Pepper and Tony invite Maria to join them not so much in bed as in power play -- dominating Tony Stark is clearly very satisfying. I love the interpersonal dynamics in this and Tony's kinks (or rather his turnoffs) in particular -- praise without humiliation, some pain but nothing extreme. Mostly for D/s fans, but the clothes alone are worth a read for people who aren't actively put off by it. (I may have had a hand in encouraging the writing of this.)

Mostly Avengers this week. Including, to start with, a vid:

Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Knottahooker: PG-ish; it's always hard to rate vids. :) This is a great Thor-and-Loki vid set to Lorde's cover of Everybody Wants To Rule The World.

Captain America 2 came out last week, so I sorted the rest into non-spoiler fanfic and spoiler fanfic. First the non-spoiler:

No Disguises by Thyrza: Explicit, Steve/Tony. This is a fun take on events following an episode of Avengers Assemble, which is a terribly animated but kind of adorable Avengers cartoon. Steve and Tony have just come back from posing as supervillains, and Tony appears to be a lot more into it than Steve...

Write Down Every Drop by Amuly: Mature, Steve/Tony. There's no actual sex in this but it focuses around sex, specifically around just how good it feels to be a super-soldier. I especially loved the part where Tony loses it while reading his father's reports on Cap.

The Value Of Secrets by Maya Tawi: R; Tony/JARVIS, Tony/OMC. The story of Tony's love affair with JARVIS and less so with Jarvis; this is an older fic, written after 2008's Iron Man, but I linked it to some people recently and realised I refer to it in my own head as a classic of the fandom, so I thought I'd share. There are no warnings on the fic but I would warn for some dubious consent at the start.

This is a recc two fics that use the same premise in different ways:
The Captain Stark/Iron Steve series by AvocadoLove: Explicit, Steve/Tony.
Festina Lente by SilverFoxFlower: Explicit, Steve/Tony.
Both of these posit an alternate universe where Steve is Iron Man and Tony is Captain America, but they have different takes on the character-swap, and they're both fascinating in their own way. Festina Lente focuses more on Tony as Cap, representing a different sort of American ideal; in Captain Stark/Iron Steve there are stories for each, but for me the interest lies in a Steve Rogers who's still a ninety-pound firecracker.

And the spoilery fics (the summaries here aren't spoilery):

All The Stupid by Gypsylady: General Audiences, Gen. A short follow-up to The Winter Soldier in which the Agents of SHIELD deal with the fallout of the Winter Soldier's actions, and are asked to pass on a message.

Rebuild by historymiss: General Audiences, Gen. Another The Winter Soldier follow up about how to take one's first independent steps after a fall. Historymiss often complains she doesn't write longfic, but she crams a lot into her shortfic. :)

Miles To Go Before I Sleep by Avelera: Teen and Up, Steve/Bucky. Coming back can be difficult. I especially like how the story keeps referring to Steve as "the target", but the whole thing is a really well-constructed story about recovery.

And finally, NOT an Avengers fanfic, I wanted to recommend a translation of Not What You're Thinking by Qirunwei: Teen and up, Jack/Ianto. This is a Chinese translation of one of my older fics, in which Ianto explains to Tosh and Gwen how naked hide-and-seek works.
Happy Friday everyone! I am very popular today, I've already had four people come by my desk with complicated needs.

But I still have time for Friday Fic Reccs, though there are few this week. Chalk it up to my reading less extensively these days.

I recently participated in the Dubious Consentacles Throwdown, which got the Dubious Consentacles tag canonized on AO3, which feels like more of an accomplishment than it probably should. While I do want to recommend all of the Throwdown fics, I had two in particular that I especially loved:

A Creature Made Of Salt And Blood by IamShadow21: Teen and Up, Clint/Coulson. I thought this was a super-clever way of going about dubious consentacles -- to have the addition of the tentacles themselves be dubious. Clever and fun and hurty in all the best ways.

Peer-Reviewed by MountainRose and Szzzt: Explicit, Tony Stark/Tentacles, Tony Stark/JARVIS. Tony and Steve end up prisoners of an alternate-universe Reed Richards who isn't malicious so much as deeply unethical about his neurological experiments. It's sexy and very funny, and one of the Dubious Consentacle fics from the throwdown.

And I have a second fic by Shadow to recommend as well:

Lucky Pennies by IamShadow21: General Audiences, Gen. Clint has a special ability that is clearly marked useless for combat, and may or may not exist. Coulson's willing to believe him. I thought this was a lovely work about Clint and Coulson building trust and faith in each other.

Plus this week in Podfics Of Sam's Fanfic:

Podfic of The Brilliant Find A Date For Kyouya Plan by Blackglass: Teen and Up, Multiple Ships. This is a wonderful podfic, with music, of an Ouran High School Host Club fic I wrote wherein the Host Club members are in a very Shakespearean set of mistaken identities and mixed-up relationships.

I have two reccs this week for things unrelated to myself. :D

Bond Has It Covered by Sara_Holmes: Explicit, Steve/Tony. A lot of fanfics talk about how Steve and Tony had a rocky start but eventually worked it out, sort of eliding over it -- this is like a detailed, hilarious examination of just how that might have happened, complete with fistfights and statistics and Clint on the sidelines. I'm so sad it's over.

Little Lion Man by zombiesatemyhamster: I don't often recc fanvids because I don't watch a lot of them, but this was linked to me by someone and it's a great Marvel vid -- as they said, "It's a Captain America and Iron Man video and a Steve and Tony video."

And I wanted to recommend some podfics and art and translations of fic I've posted!

Surprise? by kinetikatrue: General audiences, Gen. Surprise is an illustration for my Avengers Meets Matilda crossover, done in the Quentin Blake style (ie, the style of the old Roald Dahl book illustrations). I love how startled Tony looks; I like to think in the Dahl universe he looks that way more or less permanently.

Portrait of the Artist as a Robot [Podfic] by BlackGlass: General audiences, Gen. This is a lovely podfic, available with or without fun robot sound effects, of my Avengers fic. Really enjoyable listening. :)

Podfic of At Tilde by Wesle: G, Gen. A lovely, sardonic (as is meant) podfic of my fic At Tilde, in which Tony Stark wants to hire a hacker named Matilda Wormwood, only to discover that she's somewhat too young for labor laws to allow that...

Translation of Hard Rock Swing: Mature, Steve/Tony. This is a Chinese translation of my fic Hard Rock Swing, about a Tony Stark who's eighteen years old and a Steve Rogers who knows that's still just a little wrong...

First up, two podfics of my work, not that I'm proud or anything :D

Podfic of Dummy's First Christmas by Reena_Jenkins: A delightful podfic of my fanfic of Sci's fanfic of the Avengers. :D DJ-Dummy, who can change back and forth from robot to child (a wizard did it) spends his first Christmas as a Real Boy.

Podfic of At Tilde by Reena_Jenkins: Reena also did a podfic of At Tilde, my "Roald Dahl's Matilda becomes a hacker and gets hired to be Tony Stark's intern" story.

And some various Marvel universes...

Weather Appropriate Activities by arsenicarcher: Teen and Up, May/Hill/Ward. Melinda, Maria, and Grant are weathering out a storm in a cave, and have awesome ideas about how to keep warm. A little kinky, but nothing explicit, and some very good banter.

Have You Met Uncle Charles? by winterhill: Mature, Steve/Tony, Charles/Erik, a few scattered other ships. The story of Tony Stark's friendship with Charles Xavier throughout the years. Really funny and sweet. This is an older fic but I just recommended it to someone the other day and thought I'd share.

Unexpected Doesn't Mean Unwanted by florahart: Mature, Clint/Coulson. Clint has taken responsibility for his abusive, deadbeat brother's toddler, which is a little more than he bargained for. Coulson is surprisingly competent with kids, for a reason. It's an entertaining story about responsibility, both for Clint and for Coulson.

Aaand a Sherlock OT3, because ohay there new ship.

Bring Biscuits by wiggleofjudas: Teen and Up, Sherlock/Mary/John. This is a charming, amusing text/email fic about John attending a conference away from his loved ones. I especially liked when Mary and Sherlock started mirroring each other.


Been Looking At You Forever by torakowalski: Explicit, Clint/Coulson. Clint and Phil have a totally cool and casual fuckbuddies thing going on, until the exact moment Clint realises he has ruined it with his FEELINGS. I love the slow build and the angst and the resolution and just all of it, argh.

We Are (Not) Soldiers by Arsenicarcher: Mature, Steve/Natasha, Tony/Pepper, Pepper/Tony/Natasha/Steve/Rhodey OH YES. Rhodey has a long-term, deep-level crush on Tony. He was happy not acting on it -- until Tony decided to. Sweet and subtle and I love Rhodey being a little less...rigid, I guess, than normally written.

Chapter 19 by blue_jack: Explicit, Steve/Tony, dubious consent. Tony just wanted to sneak in to see Steve Rogers now that they've fished him out of the ice. Steve thinks he's there for a very different reason. This was hilarious and hot, and the dubcon is pretty well resolved by the end.

What's Your Number

Every year a certain segment of fandom obsessively competes to see who can be the first to recc the best Yuletide fanfics, but I am way too tired and way too old for that, so I'm reccing the two that I've read, which are both What's Your Number fics. If you haven't seen What's Your Number well congratulations these may not make much sense, but on the other hand, you haven't seen What's Your Number, and that's something to be happy about.

nothing to keep us apart by (Anonymous!): Teen and Up, Colin/Ally. Colin's band actually takes off, and Ally struggles with what that means for her -- swampy RVs, sweaty roadies, and ex-girlfriends everywhere. I've always figured either Colin's music would be a hit or Ally's figurines would sell well, so it was super-fun to see one version of that written out.

The Darling Detective Agency Versus The Christmas Crime Spree by (Anonymous!): General Audiences, Gen. Colin and Ally became a detective agency. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? Funny banter and great characterization.
It's Friday, which means it's time for Fanfic Reccs!

They're all Avengers this week, though some of them are a bit crossovery.

Just Like the Ones I Used to Know by selori: Gen, background Tony/Pepper. The Avengers are having a movie marathon and Tony objects to kicking it off with White Christmas -- but he's never actually seen the film. It turns out to be a lot more engaging than he figured, and Steve is captivated. I love the movie, even with all its flaws, and this is a great fic tribute to it! Plus fun in its own right.

Big Talk by sabinelagrande: Mature, multiple ships. Skye and Ward dose Coulson with truth serum as a prank. They get a lot more than they bargained for. I love how totally unconcerned with the truth Coulson is, and it's a great turnabout.

Reward System - The Coulson Card by AdamantSteve: Mature, Clint/Coulson. Coulson convinces Clint to actually get medical attention after being injured by offering him a "loyalty" card -- every nine trips to medical earns him a free meal, and free food just tastes better, everyone knows that. Sweet, a little messed up, and very funny.

Your Lips And Mine by IamShadow21: Mature, Steve/Tony, Bruce/Tony, lots of kissing. Tony kisses nd gets kissed and helps Hawkeye give Lucky a bath, among other things. I have to admit getting Lucky groomed is the bit about this I like best. :D

One Hundred and Five Percent by IamShadow21: Explicit, Pepper/Tony. Tony injects himself with Extremis after repairing Pepper's, which means now both of them can talk to robots...and to each other. It really nails the Pepper/Tony dynamic, and the sex is brief but super-hot. :D

Ask Galatea by thingswithwings: Explicit, Cap/Coulson. Coulson likes to serve, and Steve is willing to accept it. A sweet treatment of a rare pair that I think works really well.

Love Among the Hydrothermal Vents by DevilDoll: Explicit, Steve/Tony. Namor wants Steve for a bride. Steve's having none of it, but to get Namor off his back, he pretends to be engaged to Tony. A very well-done execution of the fake-relationship trope, funny and charming and I love Tony's addiction to Atlantean romance novels.

Thor's Second Epic, or: Grocery Run by Sanura: Not Rated, Gen. Sanura took the mention I made of Thor's epic over his trip to the grocery store in Exclusive and ran with it. It's funny and iambic!

PODFIC: The Long Con by Bakaknight: This is a delightful podfic of my short story The Long Con, which was officially posted to AO3 last night.


Seuss-Style Captain America by Clockways: Inspired by The Stars Upon Thars, where Dr. Seuss and Captain America were buddies during the war.

Ugly Iron Man Sweater by Maskedfangirl: which I requested but neglected to specify "wearing the sweater" or "themed on the sweater". :D

This week has been at least a month long, but after today I am (hopefully) off for three weeks oh my god. I'm going to lie around in a blanket burrito and moan about how much my body hates me. Then I'm going to have a robot rip a piece of it out! It's all very exciting.

IN THE MEANTIME: A RECCS LIST. I've been saving up for a while! I have many fandoms to share.

Batman: Good News (No One Mourns the Wicked) by Hinn_raven: General Audiences, Gen. The Robins who died meet up to welcome their newest member. Sad, but also very thoughtful and beautiful. If you're not familiar with all the DC Robins it's a trifle complicated, but those who love Batman/DC will find it especially poignant.

The Dead Isle: Google Is Not An Island by afinch: Not Rated, Gen. The Internet has come to Australia, but they're having an interesting debate about what a "real" name is. This was funny and a bit off-the-wall with a great point to it, and of course I adore fanfic of The Dead Isle. :D It is locked, so you will need to sign in to read it.

Supernatural: Hard to Handle, Easier to Hold by 51stcenturyfox: Not Rated, Castiel/Dean. Dean helps Castiel get on his feet after Falling, and Castiel isn't sure he appreciates that. I haven't watched SPN for several seasons but I loved this anyway; the quiet longing is gorgeous, and it's not even always clear what the longing is for, which is a surprisingly hard thing to convey.

Torchwood: Calypso by neifile7: Explicit, Jack/Ianto, Jack/Others. This is an older fic I read and loved years ago before I was recc'ing, but it's been posted to AO3 now so I thought it was worth reminding people of it. It covers Jack's time between the Game Station and Torchwood (thirty years later) and it is sexy and beautiful and funny and sad.

Welcome To Night Vale/Avengers: Taste Of Home by Daroos: General Audiences, Cecil/Carlos. A long, meaty adventure spanning Phil Coulson's departure from his hometown of Night Vale to his eventual (unintended) return. There's a lot of great SHIELD content and great Night Vale content, including a blind Cecil who sees through psychic contact, which is brilliant. Also features Bruce and Carlos bonding, Clint's all-round bafflement, and Sitwell's unwavering loyalty to his best friend.


I Just Called To Say I Tolerate You by withthepilot: Explicit, Steve/Tony/Pepper, Clint/Coulson. Steve ends up staying in Brooklyn when the other Avengers move into Stark Tower, but Clint's always coming by, eating his food and spying on him, and Steve does his best to mend some fences he broke. This is a long, meaty, funny, hot story about how the Avengers manage to forge an actual team in the wake of forming a temporary one.

Like Setting Off Fire Crackers At Midnight by what_alchemy: Explicit, Bucky/Steve, Clint/Coulson. Steve is still keeping Bucky's secrets in the 21st century. I'd normally give more of a summary but I got knocked back a little on this one and I loved it, so I don't want to spoil annnnything. It's a great fic about gender and sexuality. Don't even read the tags, just go for it.

Pot Calling Kettle by Cluegirl: Explicit, Bruce/Tony, Bruce/Tony/Steve. After a perilous incident involving aphrodesiac gas, Tony and Bruce are recovering but Steve is quietly and privately falling apart. This is a gorgeous long piece about being unable to ask for what you want, and being allowed to. It does have some (from the summary, obvious) discussion of consent and rape, and a few dubious-consent moments, so tread cautiously, but the trauma within the piece derives from other sources.
Friday reccs!

This is hilarious and narcissistic. Half of the reccs I have for you today are inspired by my fic. So here's the three that AREN'T first, two Night Vale and one Avengers:

Bad Habits by winterhill: Carlos/Cecil, Teen and Up. Cecil and Carlos have moved in together and are dealing with little personal habits like Cecil moulting and Carlos slurping his food. This fic is so romantic and charming and totally gross, I <3 it.

Night Vale Broadcast by jonaht: Gen, General Audiences. There is a strange wind blowing in Night Vale. I think jonaht really nailed the voice of the podcasts, so I encouraged her to put it up on AO3.

Wilt Thou Exchange by twentysomething: Explicit, Steve/Toni. This is a genderbent-Tony story but it's really a lot more than that -- it's like a story about the Avengers coming together which just happens to have a genderbend in it. Witty and fun, and I was almost late to work this morning reading it.

And now the ego fest:

Music: Meg Bodoun by Kila9Nishika: Not Rated. This is a pair of manips to go with the Music section from my story A Partial Dictionary Of The 21st Century. It's a great set of images; I like to think of them as screengrabs from the music video.

Podfic of BlackAmex: G, Gen. A lovely podfic of my fanfic Black AmEx, read by Vertiga. Black AmEx is the "Bruce and Steve go shopping because Tony is a sugar daddy" fic.

Podfic of Pas De Deux by AshesandGhost: Explicit, Carlos/Cecil. This is a great and very evociative podfic of my fic Pas De Deux, in which Cecil has two penises and a complex about it.

Also just in general, the other day I went through and approved a bunch of podfics of my work on AO3, and then realised that I hadn't actually made note of which ones were new and should be linked here. Argh. But if you're into podfic and/or into my fic, there's a long list of podfics and other inspired works here that you may enjoy.

Sorry about the silence. It's been a week. Let me tell you sometime about my super-diva boss, oh wait I can't, I don't want to get fired.

ANYWAY. Fanfic reccs!

Avengers: Dimension Home series by Pookaseraph: Mature, Steve/Tony in later parts. Ian and Steve make it home from Dimension Z, but not in one piece, and Ian has a lot of adjusting to do. Fortunately Tony's there when Steve can't be. This was recommended to me as an "Ian Fixit" for the current Captain America comics arc, and it's super-satisfying, just 85K words of really good fanfic, well written, well constructed, nicely plotted.

Avengers: Better Off by 51stCenturyFox: Teen and Up, Steve/Tony. Tony believes Steve deserves the best of everything, and with true Stark logic believes that means they should fill out a dating profile for him. Funny and charming, like all of Foxy's stuff. :)

Welcome To Night Vale: A Practical Application of the Buttered Cat Paradox by EHyde: General Audiences, Carlos/Cecil. Carlos is using illegal bread and science to get the kittens out of midair. Funny, a little dark, and adorable, just like the kittens.

Podfic: The Photograph and Transfer Students by reena_jenkins: Teen and Up, Gen. These are podfics of two of my fics. In The Photograph, Tony takes issue with the Avengers' belief that clothes are optional in Stark Tower; in Transfer Students, the Avengers keep pawning people off on the Jean Grey Academy. They are both lovely readings!
I totally forgot to post reccs last Friday, and I have a ton, so HERE. HAVE SOME FANFIC RECCS. :D

The Ballad of Captain America's Disapproving Face by Cluegirl: G, Gen. Inspired by a quote of mine, "If you can't tell Captain America what you're up to, you probably shouldn't be doing it", Clue filked a song to the tune of The Ballad of Lizzie Borden. AND I LAUGHED MY FACE OFF.
Now I won't say Cap's infallible, or that he's always right
He's temperamental, judgey, and dear God, the man's uptight...

Lost You In The Starlight, Found You By The Streetlight by malfaisant: Explicit, Tony Stark/Peter Quill. Tony manages not to drink alcohol in an alien bar; instead he drinks liquid aphrodesiac. Good call, Tony. It's a funny, sexy story; you may not follow it 100% if you're not reading Guardians of the Galaxy, but I think it's done well enough that you can get the gist.
“Sorry, just, you’re nothing like I was expecting,” he said, after he finally stopped laughing. “You know, Iron Man, founding Avenger, one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? I was thinking every one of you’d be like Captain America or something.”
“You’d be surprised. Now tell me what I just drank three glasses of and how likely is it to kill me?”

Because I Don't Want To Sleep With You by mooseman13579: Pg-13ish, Clint/Various. Clint accidentally lets slip to Kate the fact that he once had sex with a Doombot. Kate reacts to this about as appropriately as we all would expect. This was inspired by my account of the time Clint had sex with a Doombot, and it made me lol. Mooseman has also written the amusing How Much Is That In Beaver Pelts? about Wolverine being recruited to the Avengers.
"So have you been secretly humping Vision when no one’s looking?" Kate laughs. “Maybe pay Tony to look the other way while you hump the suit for half an hour?"
Clint frowns disapprovingly, an expression spoiled by the brown fingerprints all across his face. “That’s it, no more story time."

Welcome To Night Vale:
Welcome to Night Vale fandom just exploded, as some of you are probably noticing and scratching your heads over. For those who are curious, it's a podcast based on the premise of a fictional community-radio show broadcasting from and for the town of Night Vale, which is every Roswellian conspiracy theory and Lovecraftian horror novel ever, rolled into one little desert community. It's a horror/satire mix, and while I have my issues with it I've found it generally enjoyable.

Face For Radio by sabinlagrande: G, Carlos/Cecil. Carlos and Cecil had to think very carefully before getting hitched, because marriage in Night Vale isn't like marriage anywhere else. I think this is clever and very prettily written, and I like the interactions between two people we really still don't know that well...
"It's a big commitment, getting a huge neck tattoo," Carlos points out. "I mean, if you wanted to get another job, or if Station Management found out-"
"I work in radio," Cecil says patiently.

a love song for schrödinger by pathopharmacology: Teen and Up, Carlos/Cecil. When an angel stops him in the produce aisle to ask him to confirm reality, Carlos obliges. It's a sweet, terrifying slice of life in Night Vale.
The angel’s smile is huge and white and beatific. The fluorescent lights flicker overhead, and the angel’s delight crackles around them like electricity. With a weird pang in his sternum Carlos remembers how the air tasted those few seconds after he’d kissed Cecil the first time, the exquisite marvel of biology and shared breath.

James Bond:
Handle With Care by Winterhill: Teen and Up, Bond/Q. The entire agency is apparently very ambivalent about Bond dating Q, but Q is finding it hard to care even after nearly blowing himself up. I have never seen a James Bond film but I thoroughly enjoyed this, particularly the banter and the hurt/comfort.
“Dating Bond is a bad decision,” said Eve, as Q waited for the third of his his thrice-weekly meetings with M. “I hope you know this.”
“Hello Eve, how many spies have you got in my department?” asked Q, tapping his foot against the plush carpet.
“Parkour with Bond is an even worse decision,” she said. “Do you want to die?”

I have four Avengers fics and a crossover to share!

The Agent by KuriKuri: Teen and Up, Clint/Coulson. An AU where Clint and Coulson are author and editor, but Coulson's also the city's local superhero, The Agent. AU and Identity Porn, bring it onnnnnn.

The Job Fair by sabinelagrande: Teen and Up, Clint/Coulson, Cecil/Carlos. A crossover with Welcome To Night Vale, in which Clint discovers that Coulson grew up in a desert town called Night Vale and his habit of listening to static on the radio that he claimes is "Cecil's radio show" isn't as weird as Clint thought. I haven't found much good Night Vale fic and I love the way this holds up the "super weird" of Night Vale against what we think of as "normal" in other fandoms.

Twenty-Five Years Doesn't Exist by IamShadow21: Teen and Up, Steve/Tony, Clint/Coulson. Tony is infuriated to find himself in a body that's 25 years old again. I love this take on aging and why Tony may not want to look like he should get carded going into clubs.

In Your Hands by Del_Rion: Explicit, Steve/Tony. Basically, hand jobs on the fourth of July, with a fun twist ending. The ending made me LOL. And a little sad.

Hefnendakvidha by Thette: General audiences, gen. This is "The Lay of the Avengers", an Old Norse retelling of act one of the film. It's not necessarily pleasure reading, though I enjoyed it, but I think it's interesting as a discussion of the poetic form and how it interacts with modern media.

Kind of.

I mean, three of the four reccs are works related to work I did, so really this is an exercise in ego, but it's all really good stuff too!

The Coffee Bandits of Greater Manhattan by daroos: PG-13, Clint/Coulson, Bucky/Natasha, Steve/Tony. This is an unholy fusion of coffeeshop AU and food truck AU starring Clint and Natasha as the operators of an illegal, unlicensed food truck and Coulson as the man tasked with bringing them in. IT'S AWESOME.

Star Spangled Man by Sanura: G, Music. Sanura did an accoustic guitar version of Star Spangled Man (from my "A Partial Dictionary Of The 21st Century" fic) and it is now available at AO3!

Podfic of A Partial Dictionary Of The 21st Century By Captain Steve Rogers, US Army by RSCreighton: This is a podfic of one of my fics, and a delightful job was done of it! It incorporates Star Spangled Man by Sanura, too.

Earth and the Nine Realms: An Introduction to Asgardian Interstellar Travel by tehnakki: The introductory page (and hilariously, paywall) for a Nature article "linked" in my fic Exclusive. SEMI-NUDE THOR BESTRIDES DIMENSIONS!
And now, a short and diverse Friday Reccslist!

Sherlock: DNA by Resonant: Explicit, Sherlock/OFCs, Sherlock/John. This story came about from a conversation Resonant and I had, and I couldn't be more pleased with having been a part of it. John discovers Sherlock is basically putting himself out to stud to women who want smart babies, and it...causes some issues. Really cleverly written and I love the ending, particularly Sherlock's confusion.

Person of Interest: Outsider Perspective by Neery: Explicit, Finch/Reese. I don't generally read Person Of Interest fic but this one caught my eye on a recc and I found it extremely enjoyable -- the entire fic is from Finch's POV and really nails his voice, down to the weird little verbal quirks he sometimes has. Reese and Finch get whammied with amnesia gas, and draw some deeply incorrect assumptions about their relationship -- which backfires when they remember, and I really like that there's a deep exploration of the backfire that happens only about halfway through the story.

Avengers: Traitor's Throne by Cluegirl: Teen and Up, Tony/Steve. I was fortunate enough to get to beta this fic, which was done for the Cap-Iron Man Reverse Big Bang. The art and fic are both exceptional, set in a well-built fantasy world where Tony Stark, Prince Abdicate, is returning to the site of a major battle after a year's recovery to try and find both the young, fragile monk Steven who used to sass him and absolution from the dragon he killed during the battle.


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