OH AND I saw the episode of House everyone said I had to see, the one that was all about Wilson.

Three Things! )

3a. I have to say this outside of cut, because really, Wilson? Really?

"She hurt my friend. She should be punished."

Dear House and Wilson: It's okay to be hurt if a woman rejects you, and it's okay to be hurt if she's dating someone you consider a friend. It's even okay to be hurt if she's your friend and rejected your other friend.

You know what it's not okay to do? Punish her for not loving you.

I am feeling better after some TV and orange juice. And a steady IV drip of House MD. I'm all caught up now!

Sam's 22 Things About House: 5.05 - 5.11 )

I went looking for the promo for 5.12 and found out that there's no more House till January, which is a bummer. I also came across a promo for a film called House, some kind of horror flick, but I think House MD The Movie would be excellent. I'm thinking some kind of Outbreak scenario, compounded by a natural disaster. There would be at least one motorcycle chase scene, and House would self-deprecatingly refer to himself as "Gregory House. Action hero." Stephen Fry would guest star. I'll get right on writing it.
Allow me to present you with a fresh minty blast of OMG FANDOM.

Sam's Nine Things About House MD, 5.02 - 5.04 )

What's that, MOAR FANDOM? Okay!

I was having a discussion with [livejournal.com profile] kita0610 last night about how, when you are reading a bad fanfic, sometimes after a really tremendous grammar/spelling/characterisation error you just want to stand there and JAZZHANDS it. And thus I was challenged to make icons, which you are free to use whenever you feel the need to Jazzhands up your life a little.

And my personal favourite....SARCAZZHANDS.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] demotu did a quiz, and I took it, and the results were....surprising.

Which Torchwood agent are you? )

AND FINALLY. I don't know if I ever pimped this out or not, but Sam's Cafe has a Facebook community as well as a Ravelry one. I'm not on Facebook so I don't know what you guys get up to *eyebrow* but I hope you're having fun. Go, join, enjoy yourselves!

*collapses from all the fandom*
Sam's Three Things About House MD, 5.01: Dying Changes Everything )

3a. WTF, crazy-haired Cameron. WHAT IS UP WITH YOU AND YOUR CRAZY HAIR?

Sam's Three Things About House, Episode 4.16: Wilson's Head )

3a. That moment where Plastic Surgeon gives his wife a hug is way awkward. It's like he's trying to bodyslam her or something. I have to admit I may have LOLed.

And now to bed, because last night I did not sleep well due to dreams of sex and homicide, and not the good kind of either.
Slowly catching up!

Sam's Three Things About House 4.15: House's Head )

3a. I just want to stick Wilson and House in an MRI lab forever and watch them riff at each other. Wilson and House in the MRI lab is never not funny, especially because for some reason they're always lit green.
I'm slowly catching up on House MD, and currently watching the one from last season where he diagnoses the soap star.

They're...not really even trying to pretend he's straight anymore, huh?
I'm slowly catching up!

Sam's Three Things About House, 4.13: Don't Ever Change )

3a. Oh, Chase. I hated you so much, and then I was indifferent, but now I think you might be my favourite ex-duckling. Of, you know, the two.

Sam's Three Things About House, 4.14: No More Mr. Nice Guy )

3a. 6-9/Foreman, y/y?
That's right, he's back, and so the spoilers are behind the cut in

Sam's Three Things About House! )

3b. I didn't realise how much I missed watching House -- or what a die-hard fan I used to be, and am not anymore. It gives me a weird reaction to doctors' offices, too; I speak up more and ask more questions, but only if they're smart ones. :D
Sam's Three Things about House was never such a sweet thing.

Three Things about House, MD. Large spoilers within. )

3a. House MD has the awesomest soundtrack.
Sam has Many Things this morning.

1. There's a bounty out -- bring me the thong of Lisa Cuddy! I mean, uh, I'm on a quest, accompanied by [livejournal.com profile] vimeslady who passed on the information, for a digital copy of The Street, episode 2.01. David Thewlis plays twin brothers. I've only found 2.03, and I'm sure that the reason it's up on mininova is that it's Gay Construction Workers In Love. :D Tapes or DVDs would possibly be useful to others, but I'm looking for digital -- YouTube, Veoh, Alluc, and torrent have failed me, but if you have a copy floating round I'd be indebted.

One thing about Pushing Daisies and Three Things about House )

5a. Human House continues to delight me. Him and Big Love in the elevator was priceless.

6. [livejournal.com profile] jack_and_ellis has been updated. I don't think I need to fret about breaking 50k before December, but I don't think the book'll be done, either. You can find the rest of Chapter 11 here (the link will take you to the new section) and the start of Chapter 12 here. Parties, bladders, fire, and explosions are just the beginning. Also, Ellis knows more about the tensile strength of silk than expected.
The show is open and I am rebuilding my old evil tv-watching habits -- so now it's time for Sam's three things about House!

Spoilers for 'Ugly' )

3a. Chase must be a very understanding guy. S'all I'm saying.

I'm spending the day catching up -- expect *does quick math* 24 things about Heroes, sometime in the next few days. :D
House? Let's ask Wilson about this episode of House. What does Wilson say? "Good times!"

Sam's Three Things About House )

3a. I'm not sure I really like any of the remaining doctors, but I do like the bigger cast. It feels like the episode is a bit snappier with more people in it.

I....haven't watched Heroes yet *hides face* I have all three episodes on my computer, waiting, I'm just scared to watch it.

Pushing Daisies remains fantastic, however. "This is the result of years of hard work, ritalin abuse, and a long-sublimated passion for botany!"
It took me all of ten minutes and probably about fifteen words total to get my new social security card. All I have to do now is wait for it to arrive in the mail.

On the way back I thought I'd stop and try the panaderia near the apartment; M recommended it as being tasty and cheap. It's pretty neat -- you walk into a room full of cupboards with glass-fronted windows, and you pick up a tray and a pair of tongs from the front of the shop and load up from the cupboards with whatever catches your fancy. Nothing has a price on it except the beverages in the back fridge, so I grabbed what looked like about $10 worth of food -- a loaf of bread, a croissant, two cookies, and a sweet bun. Pause here and think about how much all that would cost you at, say, a grocery-store bakery. Because it ran me exactly $3.10.

Anyway, I'm home and I have the day off until about three, when I'm heading downtown to volunteer at an arts event. I watched House last night, though I haven't caught up with Heroes or Grey's Anatomy yet. And thusly:

Sam's Three Things About House )

3a. Tesla was robbed.
Sam's three things is long overdue for more than one show, but I haven't managed to catch Heroes yet, and so...

Three Things about House MD )

3a. House MD is constantly skating along the very rim of the abyss that is shark-jumpage. And yet it still hasn't actually toppled over. I want whatever mojo the writers have.

Three Things about Grey's Anatomy )

3a. Wow. That was more than a little homoerotic. And if you've seen the episode, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
It's...Friday...which means...

Sam's Three things About House MD?

Go easy on me, it's been a long week. :D

1. So...have the ducklings' actors renewed their contract yet? 'Cause I will call SHARK JUMP OMG if not. Hugh Laurie will carry the show as much as he ever has, which is a lot, but television shows that replace a full half of their regular cast don't tend to climb the nielsens.

2. I don't like Smug!Cameron. I like New!Edgy!Cameron more than most people, but her stupid smug smiles at the end of this episode made me yearn for annoying first-season Cameron.

3. I'm not sure I entirely disagree with House's assessment of Chase's status in the department. I do think Chase has made leaps and bounds, not so much in his medical knowledge as in his understanding of human behaviour and his own sense of his self-worth. I like him now. I didn't used to. I really, really didn't used to. And I think quite possibly firing him would be the only way House could get him to strike out on his own, especially since he's clearly having Approval Issues over Foreman leaving. And I'm pretty sure he was eating a Reuben at the end, which said to me that Everyone Becomes House, in their own way.

3a. The PET scan scene in House's office will never ever not be funny.
Sam's Three Things About House MD

1. Oh, Wilson. Never ever change. Not even on antidepressants or amphetamine. The brilliance of the House-Wilson dynamic is that you think House is kicking his ass all over the hospital and then all of a sudden Wilson says like...a word, and you realise that not only is his ass not being kicked, he in fact kicked House's ass at some point when House wasn't paying attention. Not a lot, just the once, to remind House that he's human.

2. Chase is a wee!House. It's fun watching him fumble around trying to deduce things and still kiss ass at the same time. I am sad he gave up on reminding Cameron that it's Tuesday and he Likes Her, though.

3. The brilliance of James Wilson aside, I'm not sure what I think of the antidepressant subplot. I'm oddly unconcerned about the drugging of drinks and more concerned with the constant need that the writers have (possibly filling a constant cry by the fans, to be fair) to try and explain why House is such a dick, and then try to shoot down the explanation (as with the Asperger's Syndrome nondiagnosis). I will say, however, that the gradual revelation of House's character is pretty masterful -- over the course of three seasons it has unfolded from House just being a dick to House being a dick with way unresolved daddy and woman issues to House being a dick who was abused as a child and is now suffering from clinical depression.

3a. I worry about House, as a show. It's always been formulaic, and its fans accept that (sometimes with grumbling) but there's also a limited amount that can be done with a limited cast. There's a balance to be struck; too few castmembers and you end up with a procedural, because you can only get so much interpersonal drama out of six people (see Law & Order and all that pesky headline rippage), while with too many castmembers you end up with the potential for disjointment and constant rotation, as with ER. Grey's Anatomy strikes a nice balance, and is objectively a much stronger show in that regard than House, but even after the last few episodes I still like House more. I'm just not sure how long they can keep it up, because most TV viewers want something to talk about, not something to think about. I think if the writers push they can get one more really good season out of the show, but after that I don't hold out much hope.

Still, four good years is a pretty fine run. I'd still buy the DVDs, if I was the kind of person who, you know, ever bought DVDs.
Okay, House. You're off warning. I'm watching you, though.

1. I'm not sure I really understand the whole vacation thing. Was he really wanting to take a vacation? Did we ever figure out why? Why does the barest mention of turtles make me laugh? These are the questions, people.

2. Honestly, that photo of Chase? Does not make him glow. It makes him look like a moron trying to decide whether he wants the hot wings or the mild wings at the buffet, while ten people pile up behind him and try to reach around him for the pasta.

3. This episode seems to be getting back into the swing of things; it was snappier and less annoying than the last few, at least in my opinion. House pretending to be Cuddy, Cameron wigging out about House, Chase in it for the sex....ahhhh. Everything's back to normal.

Finally, I watched House, just in time for a new episode. SO, here's last week's Three Things About House MD.

Ironically, now I have to go houseclean.

1. That was unnecessarily gross, slimy, and obscure, as a whole. With the needles and him moving his head while the needle was in his head and I am putting you on warning, House MD. And you know what happened when Studio 60 got put on warning? IT GOT CANCELED. DON'T LET ME DOWN, HOUSE.

2. How can you not pee for three days. You would explode. Boom, pee everywhere. PEE EVERYWHERE. JUST LIKE THIS EPISODE WHAT THE HELL. omgcathetersomuchno.

3. Wait, did House just say he did Cuddy two years ago? And did Cuddy just say she's not interested after she was all OMG YOU LIKE ME a few episodes ago? How cool was House when he walked in on his ducklings having sex? And why did there have to be so much pee?

3a. It's not that I don't love House, but the episodes lately have been a bit lackluster, all told. It's hard to put a finger on how or why, but the increasing amounts of gore point to a deeper problem, you know? And while I'm always down with the April Fool's mind games, this episode was freakin' me out.
Sam's Three Things about House MD.

1. Does OMG not cover it? OMG. "You kissed back" = officially the best thing Cameron has ever said. Meanwhile, "Call the Make-A-Wish Foundation" is the best thing Cuddy has ever said. House chicks are awesome!

2. I like that House likes it when his patients can't communicate in normal ways. His relish for the weird and insane is so evident, it makes me happy. Also that he was composing music in junior high. I'm sure DaddyHouse loved that.

3. Ahahaha, I knew it. I knew it wasn't House's brain. Also, now the medical community thinks he has the syph, and how cool is that? SERVES YOU RIGHT, YOUNG GREGORY. SERVES YOU RIGHT.

3a. What IS it with House and the gore lately? Did I really need to see that? I'm glad so many special effects people are getting some work after the whole CGI thing went down, but dude. No. Just no.

3b. "Pizza, with a friend. Movie. Blowjob. Something." I'm just saying what we're all thinking.


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