Safely home in Chicago. Flight sucked, but is done now. No broken bones!

Mum says the west coast is under a tsunami watch. Check your news sources, guys, I can't give more info than that. See you all when I get home!

That was brilliant! Even if he didn't read my shout out to you guys. I can shout out to you anytime :D

More in the morning...

I decided to take the steak dinner option :) Well, ok, not steak but a really good burger at Weber Kettle. It's cool outside for once so I'm dining on the patio. Lovely!

Wish I could share my fries with you guys...oh well, more for me :D

Just getting done at urgent care. Broke my ankle. Go me? I'm getting a boot and crutches.


Only me.

Mum and dad dropped me off at their storage unit this morning to sort through some stuff I'd left and pack a box to take home. I also planned to throw out a few things.

On my way to the dumpster I stumbled and fell. I may have broken my ankle. Right now I'm sitting on a chair from storage icing my ankle with the ice pack that I laughed at mum for sending along.

And the motion sensor activated lights just went out.

But I'm fine! They'll be here soon and...find me crippled and defenceless in the dark.

Mum is going to shriek...

Mock my typos, will you?

See if I bring YOU a cupcake from Bleeding Heart Bakery. :P

I have made it to Coatco without getting lost! Now to buy eight dozen muffins at a time! :D

And maybe a hot dog. Mmm, breakfast!

Well, the train windows are filthy so no photos (yet; perhaps as an artist I will find myself willing to explore the aesthetic qualities of dirty glass later) but I am homeward bound after a very fun weekend full of dogs, toddlers, Irish nationals, knitters, high piracy, Dutch ovens, oatmeal bread, music, and tea.

I will post when I'm safely home, if not before.

Meanwhile, omg ask_captainjack interview over at [ profile] torchwood_house. reading it on my phone for fannish lolz and grate face-shooting :D

I'm not dead! I'm well-rested. I remember what that feels like. Holy crap. :D

I'm doing some touring around this afternoon and then catching the train around three, so expect a photo or two. I find I'm enjoying the cryptic approach to vacation journaling.

I have taught the sproglet to say "awesome". He has taught me about the Rhino Song. (YouTube it. You will hate me forever.) Generation gap: Bridged!

Hearing an Irishman say, "Well, we'll just go up to White Castle, then," has got to be one of the strangest moments this year to date.

We are at an offsite today, or really more like a field trip- I'm playing Nicholas, getting food and research materials for the bosses and inbetween duties collapsing on a couch in the lobby in a paroxysm of snot and coughing. I feel fine, I am just leaking from my face.

We are not in the high-rise like last time, sadly. I miss the thirty-whatevereth floor but I'm just as glad to be on a low floor in the warm.

The admins here are nice and gave me tea.

I am safe on the ground in Chicago, though very sleepy.

Happy Monday?

I am on the ground in Texas. Already overdosing on crap indy music.

On the freeway...

Mum: this car's going to jump in front of y -- there they go.
Dad: it's okay. He owns a Kia, he'll die soon.

He's a man of few words, but he gets his point across...

I am not dead!


More as the situation warrants :)

That was just enough snow to make walking difficult, but not enough to make walking a feat of superhuman endurance. We do have hail right now but I doubt I will be "hailed in". Especially since I'm already on the train.

Lame, mother nature. LAME.

I am safely home in Chicago but stuck on the tarmac while we wait for a clear gate. I love how "five minute delay" to a pilot is like "there is a train directly behind this one" is to am El driver. There may be a train geographically behind the current one, but 'directly' is a bit of a stretch to describe a situation more accurately portrayed as 'twenty minutes away' in reality. Similarly, there will definitely be a five minute delay, but more likely there will be several five minute delays...

Anyway, home now in a manner of speaking, and really home in a matter of an hour or two.

I am tucked up safely in my new digs and enjoying a good book.

I was going to post and declare which Albany I was in but I think it's more fun to watch you guys flail about it :D

I am safe on the ground in Albany and soon to be en route to my new digs for the week. Meanwhile, the airport has what amounts to a Museum of Steampunk on the 3rd floor. Absolutely marvelous.

Best sight of the trip was either the pay per use phone charger vending machine or the octogenarian in a wheelchair and a Death Cab For Cutie shirt.

Catch you all later!

moving well begun. ex-roomie did not move his stuff out yet. we had to move it into another room. always something...
Diagonal striped blue tie with horizontal striped green shirt, Y/N?


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